In which I celebrate calling United Kingdom my home for the past ten years.

A Decade Later

100 words about life — 11:20 · 14th May 2022

Wow, has it been ten years since So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish already?

Lucien, 3-years-old, standing on a big blue trampoline in the backgarden of the first accommodation we rented for 2 weeks, having just moved to the UK.
Lucien, enjoying the trampoline at our first self-catering accommodation, May 2012.

Here are, although accidentally, rather suitably ten entries on the subject of immigration that I’ve written since moving here.

Eleven if you include this one.

You’ve just read A Decade Later.

In which, 1 year ago, I wrote 100 words about life and I covered topics, such as: pictures , immigration , anniversaries , and england .