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  • A Decade Later

    11:20 · 14th May 2022

    In which I celebrate calling United Kingdom my home for the past ten years.


  • Becoming a British Bastard

    08:00 · 14th May 2017

    In which we have lived in the UK for five years but aren’t sure if we can call this home anymore.



  • A Letter From the Promised Land

    16:00 · 7th Sep 2014

    In which I pretend to be a turn of the 20th century immigrant who is writing home to the family and friends he has left behind for a brighter future in the new world.


  • And Another Thing…

    10:22 · 13th Jul 2013

    In which I go into greater detail about the things I did take with me when we moved the UK.

  • Living From a Suitcase

    21:53 · 8th Jul 2013

    In which I talk about getting rid of 80% of the crap I owned before we moved to the UK.