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5 entries about eating, across 2 years. All topics

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  • The Butter-Butt Boy

    07:00 · 2nd Dec 2018

    In which I remember what my one-and-a-half-year-old self already knew when my love of food and cooking is rekindled.

  • The Beauty of Daily Routines

    07:00 · 18th Nov 2018

    In which I outline the practical steps and positive results of embracing the beauty of a daily routine.

  • The Ketogenic Man

    07:00 · 1st Jul 2018

    In which I answer life’s hard questions, like, ‘Can I eat all the avocado in the world?’ by going on the keto diet.


  • Exercising the Demons

    14:00 · 7th Jun 2015

    In which I continue paying for Past Carlos’ mistakes and reluctance to listen of his own body.