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  • A Decade Later

    11:20 · 14th May 2022

    In which I celebrate calling United Kingdom my home for the past ten years.


  • The Diary of Two Decades

    07:00 · 20th May 2018

    In which he looks back at 20 years of writing as this journal of his turns 10-years-old.


  • Becoming a British Bastard

    08:00 · 14th May 2017

    In which we have lived in the UK for five years but aren’t sure if we can call this home anymore.


  • A Toast to Ten Terrific Years

    12:00 · 29th Nov 2015

    In which I reminisce about the ten years I’ve already spent with my wonderful wife, talk about how we first met and look forward to another ten years.

  • Fabulous February, Issue 02/15

    19:00 · 1st Mar 2015

    In this month’s issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: We don’t celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, lose another pub quiz, continue my tattoo, take on the role of a sentient lizard, attend a conference in London, get Lucien declared healthy and finally, end our Wartime Life.