Smoking cessation

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  • The Descension

    21:00 · 21st Aug 2017

    In which I talk about how after not smoking for 4 years I failed and started again.


  • 800 Days of Breathing

    17:00 · 2nd Dec 2014

    In which I count the numerous days until I can put on my finest suit, comb my grey hair, go to my local shop to pick up their most expensive ivory pipe and start smoking again.

  • My Body: The Trash Receptacle

    22:51 · 16th Apr 2014

    Slowly and surely my lifestyle has gone from “Unlikely to make it to 20” to “Coronary Heart Disease in mid-forties” and finally to “Might make to 77.”


  • Breaking That Special Habit

    12:12 · 1st Jun 2013

    In which I reach day 251 of not smoking, not that I’m counting the days or anything.