In which I recap the year that has gone by with all its ups and downs, and the t-shirts, let’s not forget the t-shirts.

Come Take Me!

1149 words about life — 16:11 · 31st Dec 2011

The time has come again to summarize the year that has passed. You know? The part where I tie up all the loose ends that I have created in this past year, because I am apparently pretty good at that. So here we go..


I started selling a few (13) t-shirts at, and all was well for some time. In November I stopped selling them for a couple of different reasons. It mostly boiled down to two main reasons; I wasn’t comfortable giving away the design rights and I felt like was not as transparent in answering the questions that I had. No hard feelings, the time my tees was there was nice and it was if nothing else a very learning experience. They sold a total of 48 tees of my design, so to those 48 people out there who bought them. I don’t know who you are, but thanks..


I got married. It’s awesome, my wife is awesome.. we’re all just a bunch of awesome fuckers! On a different note, Sacky hasn’t been very helpful.. but mostly because I forgot I even had him.


I got the splendid idea to read 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die, as in I wouldn’t read the book that summarizes all of the other books, but to actually read them all. So far I haven’t gotten further than about four of them but that’s mostly because of a lack of trying. I can read a couple of hundred pages in a couple of hours, but I just haven’t really read that much these past months. But at least I don’t have to think about what to read.. ever again.


Ordered “Build your own Ukulele kit”. Today is the 31st of Decemeber.. and I still haven’t decided what colour to paint it. So yeah, not a lot to say there. My son likes his though and actually “plays” on it semi-frequently.. it always warms my heart when we play guitar together even though we’re both “kind of” bad at it. I’m better than him.. obviously, I have played for 10+ year.. he’s had it for 6+ months.. and also he’s three. But he might get there someday given enough encouragement and personal interest. No rush.

Also.. Sad Laptop becomes too sad and dies and Samsung teases me by withholding it’s updates.


We move to a new apartment.. because the old one has too expensive to live in with only one income. And I have my eyes opened to the wonderful world of coffees, which I then talk about.. a lot. And then a little more. So I won’t do that now. But that reminds me that I still have a few double-blind studies to do.


I turned 28.. I think.. I am 28, aren’t I? No wait.. 27, yeah.. that sounds about right. Someone correct me if they know, I am actually not really sure. Went fishing with Ted Bundy and Jerry Brudos (names adjusted to be be funnier). Uploaded a song I had made years, but no one seemed to care. Talked about coffee.


July was pretty uneventful it seems. My son turned three and I started shaving with single blade razors. Oh yeah, and someone visited my blog by searching google with the phrase “free slutcocking movies”.. oh gawd.. Mr. Internet, you perv.. you still make me laugh. Talked about coffee.


Built an acoustic stomp box that did not work, got bored with it, forgot about it and haven’t looked at it since. Started learning MySQL so that I could code a new statistics tracking website for our NHL playing. Finished it in September and it’s awesome. To date we have 439 games tracked with a total of 2440 goals made. Which I think is quite a feat, considering there’s only 11 of us, and about 8 of those are active players. You can check out the documenation at my flickr account.

I also performed at this year Night of the Arts, at Föregångarna as usual. With mostly my own material, which was a lot of fun. You decide if I suck or not.


I made two books for my wife for her birthday. When I say made, I mean I didn’t write them, but pretty much everything else.. sort of. Never mind, read about it here and you’ll get the picture. My Movie Genre Posters also expanded their horizons and so I wrote a bit more about them.


In October I realised how many games there were that I had wanted to play but hadn’t and got right to it by playing LIMBO, which consequently scared the ever-still breathing crap out of me, but in a good way. Then I had some of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world and thought it was “meh”.

November finally got it’s well earned overhaul when I redesigned and recoded the entire website. I am actually thinking about revising the design still, but I haven’t decided if I am going through with it. I also tried to make an ass of myself on national tv by auditioning for Finland’s Idols, but the judging panel just said “Thanks, but no thanks..”. So my glory-story was cut pretty short. Idols starts airing tomorrow by the way, but I think the Vaasa Auditions won’t air until a couple of weeks more. I will update as soon as I know more. The sculpted doll I started on some time ago was finally a bit closer to being ready, so I of course posted some pictures of it. And I talked about coffee.. again.


And so we finally arrive at December, which is right now. At least for a couple of hours, then it’s “Bye bye 2011” and “Hello the year that comes after 2011”. I didn’t blog much in December and when I did it was mostly incoherent ramblings that already doesn’t even make that much sense to me.

Not really that many loose ends to tie up though it seems.

Two things though that I suppose one could call big deals.. (I’m being sarcastic towards myself). My new surname is now Eriksson, because.. well.. I changed it, so did my wife and our son. So henceforth we shall be known as The Eriksson Family.. it feels kind of nice to have a collective identifier.

The other thing is that I have as of yesterday, officially started looking for a job in the UK, because we’re planning on moving there as soon as possible. So if anyone wants a passionate and outside of the box thinking designer, here I am, come take me!

You’ve just read Come Take Me!.

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