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The year Katherine Bouman and her team take the first ever image of a black hole.

  • In which I look back at the year and reflect on how I’ve learned to be a little kinder to myself.

    Year-in-Review 2019

  • In which we look at how to describe images but also what happens when we describe the right image, in the wrong context.

    The art of describing images

  • In which we design for people who use keyboards, and other non-pointing devices to navigate websites.

    One letter at a time

  • In which we learn why it’s essential to design for people who are D/deaf or hard of hearing by including accurate captions in our videos.

    Do you ever wish real life came with captions?

  • In which we look at how changing your colour contrast might just be that one trick that makes your website better than (almost) everyone else’s.

    It all adds up: The impact of small actions

  • In which I give you my top tips for making the road to minimalist living more bearable.

    Minimalism is #$@&%*!

  • In which we design for people with dyslexia by making our text as readable as possible.

    When the whole world is speaking Greek to you

  • In which we take a look at what exclusion feels like and who the system is designed to exclude.

    The shape of exclusion

  • In which we explore why and how to design for peoples’, sometimes, fragile state of mind.

    Designing for an anxious and depressed world

  • In which we learn about the three different conformance levels (A, AA and AAA) in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

    The three little wolves

  • In which I lay the foundation for the upcoming reboot of this website and its blog.

    Be the Change

  • In which I’m selected to become one of BIMA’s Champions for Change and get to suit up to go to the OXO Tower in London.

    BIMA 100: Champion for Change

  • In which I take you step-by-step of the making of my new online class where I teach inclusive user experience (UX) design.

    Behind the Scenes of a Skillshare Class

  • In which I finally complete my first marathon whilst hobbling across the finish line wrapped in a space blanket.

    What I Learned from Running a Marathon

  • In which I swear at Google Home and its inability to recognise simple commands.

    Mind the Zap

  • In which I do my own version of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) question-and-answer interactive interview.

    Ask Me Anything

  • In which we travel back in time to 1990 to watch as I fall in love for the first time and how the consequent rejection came to shape my future relationships.

    Thank You for the Dance

  • In which I embark on a year-long journey of continued self-discovery by learning about and measuring my well-being through quantitative and qualitative data.

    The Vitruvian Man

  • In which I become pro-active with my health, take matters into my own hands and draw blood samples in my kitchen.

    Three Pricks and Two Vials

  • In which I spend a year tracking my moods and start learning mature coping mechanisms to deal with life’s ups and downs.

    Mellowing My Motherforking Moods

  • In which I look back at all the things I had no plans of doing last year but did anyway.

    A Series of Fortunate Events