Archive for 2023

In medias res.

  • In which I stop measuring my Venn diagram of physical, mental and social well-being through very shallow lenses.

    The End of the Vitruvian Man

  • In which Past-Present-Future-Carlos fold into a brief moment and reassure each other that they will be okay.

    You’ll Be Okay

  • In which I try to contain my boredom about Bethesda’s Starfield.

    Shortcomings of Starfield

  • In which I let you know that I’m still alive, and what I’ve been doing lately.

    Screenshot Sunday

  • In which I try to contain my excitment about the upcoming reboot of Fable.

    Fervent For Fable

  • In which we listen to the 20-plus-years of singing, songwriting and playing the guitar that I’ve done.

    Melodies with Stories

  • In which I publish my personal take on one of the scales for measuring pain.

    Life With the Painometer at a Permanent Three

  • In which I write week notes for 26th December 2022 to 1st January 2023.

    Week Note, Y22 W52