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  • Jingoistic June, Justifiable July and Accepting August, Issue 06-08/16

    12:00 · 25th Sep 2016

    In this month’s triple issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: My previous accessibility article finds an online home, I refuse to celebrate my birthday, fucking Brexit, I party with old friends in Finland, we visit a wild animal park, I complete my first 5K and we finally find a new home in Cambridge.


  • Memorable March, Issue 03/15

    20:00 · 31st Mar 2015

    In this month’s issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: We decide to surprise some of our friends and family by taking an impromptu flight to Finland, explore the family tree, experience a disappointing solar eclipse and I, of course, continue my tattoo.


  • A Frivolous Flight to Finland

    23:00 · 3rd Oct 2014

    In which I give up trying to write a funny post about the weekend when I flew to Finland to get drunk of my ass.


  • The Re-Return Tour of 2013

    17:53 · 30th Jul 2013

    In which I get ready to go on a vacation back to cold and dreary Finland, except it’s in the middle of the summer right now and warmer than here.


  • Sssh, They Might See Me

    21:12 · 15th Mar 2012

    In which I write a journal entry retelling the epic adventure of flying to the UK.

  • Up, Up And Away

    09:10 · 11th Mar 2012

    In which I get excited about flying over to the UK for job interviews.