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  • Last Month

    07:35 · 5th Feb 2021

    In which I intend to write Week notes again by summarising the month that’s been.


  • The Pursuit of Employment

    20:00 · 14th Apr 2016

    In which I talk about the experience of suddenly finding myself hunting for another job and all of its vices.

  • Maddening March, Issue 03/16

    15:00 · 10th Apr 2016

    In this month’s issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: I get sick, more tattoos, another job, we celebrate Easter and I move on from this month’s challenge to the next.

  • Fucking February, Issue 02/16

    21:00 · 8th Mar 2016

    In this month’s late and short issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: We have a really shitty month.


  • Fabulous February, Issue 02/15

    19:00 · 1st Mar 2015

    In this month’s issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: We don’t celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, lose another pub quiz, continue my tattoo, take on the role of a sentient lizard, attend a conference in London, get Lucien declared healthy and finally, end our Wartime Life.


  • Oh, Right. I Forgot

    17:30 · 18th Sep 2014

    In which I remember about the short interview, in which the question “Who the hell is Carlos Eriksson?” finally gets an answer.

  • A Letter From the Promised Land

    16:00 · 7th Sep 2014

    In which I pretend to be a turn of the 20th century immigrant who is writing home to the family and friends he has left behind for a brighter future in the new world.

  • Notice of Termination

    23:00 · 11th Jul 2014

    Sometimes, a lot can happen in a short span of time. The best way to deal with this, is to press it down into that deep dark crevice where it can fester until it kills you. No? Oh, right. No, it’s the other thing you’re supposed to do.


  • Living in Alan, with Alan

    19:54 · 26th Aug 2012

    In which I finally reveal what our new home looks like, in all its semi-furnished glory.

  • The Sittingbourne Sessions

    15:24 · 21st May 2012

    In which I record a few cover songs, including the one I auditioned with for Idols months ago.

  • Double Whammy

    16:49 · 18th May 2012

    In which I attend a job interview in the UK and feel like it’s promising.

  • Sssh, They Might See Me

    21:12 · 15th Mar 2012

    In which I write a journal entry retelling the epic adventure of flying to the UK.

  • Up, Up And Away

    09:10 · 11th Mar 2012

    In which I get excited about flying over to the UK for job interviews.

  • Job Hunting and Me

    14:06 · 6th Jan 2012

    In which I’ve started hunting for a job in the UK.