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  • I Trained, I Ran, I Puked

    09:00 · 8th Apr 2017

    In which I complete my first half marathon, raise money in memory of Amanda and puke across the finish line.

  • In Memoriam: Amanda

    09:00 · 4th Jan 2017

    In which I begin training for my first half marathon and set the stage for raising money in memory of Amanda.



  • No Sleep, For I Am the Werewolf

    23:05 · 11th Apr 2014

    Continuing from last week’s “I’m Definitely Too Old For This Shit” I thought I should tell you how my board game marathon went.

  • I’m Definitely Too Old For This Shit

    00:30 · 5th Apr 2014

    In honour of tomorrow’s International TableTop Day I have actually planned on doing the most appropriate thing ever. How appropriate!