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The year when Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory mission’s rover, successfully lands on Mars.

  • In which I recap the tumultuous year that involved packing a bag each and moving to a completely new country.

    Looking Both Ways (a Recap)

  • In which I show you another of our Christmases in pictures.

    A Christmas In Pictures

  • In which I rant about the UX/UI of Skype and how it insists on always being there.

    How Skype Took a Dump on My Metaphorical Carpet

  • In which I rant about some of the misconceptions of the design industry.

    Fuck You, Pay Me!

  • In which the Eriksson family take a bus to experience their first Dickensian Christmas.

    A Dickensian Christmas

  • In which I realise that I’m advertising Facebook more than they’re advertising me.

    You Can’t ‘Like’ My Poop Any More

  • In which I finish growing a mildly trustworty moustache to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide.

    Carlos versus Cancer

  • In which the Eriksson family try their taste palate at the awful yeast spread that is Marmite.

    What the Fuck Am I Eating?

  • In which I start writing a multi-part short story about an ineffectual detective with a lisp.

    A Rainy Night on Drury Lane

  • In which I review a butt load of movies, to spare you the effort of seeing them only to realise you had wasted your time.

    A Guiding Hand in Hollywood

  • In which the Eriksson family go into town to see the lighting of the annual Christmas tree.

    Mary Fudgemas

  • In which I grow a moustache to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide.

    Not a Shower, nor a Grower

  • In which I talk about what it’s been like since I took a break from smoking.

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cigarette

  • In which I talk about the top 10 things I kind of miss from Finland but not enough to move back but possibly enough to import them at some point.

    I Miss Certain Kinds of Fish

  • In which I welcome you, dear traveller, to England by talking about the weather.

    Anomalous Atmospheric Conditions

  • In which I almost forget to write an entry for the day but end up talking about the re-branding I’m doing.

    This Is the Post Title

  • In which I try to see how far voice recognition technology has come only to realise, it hasn’t.

    Why I Don’t Believe In Voice Recognition

  • In which it’s time to carve the yearly pumpkin.

    It’s That Time Of The Year Again

  • In which I change the much-loved Fiinix Design name in favour of something a little easier to spell.

    The Bird in the Hand Is Dead

  • In which I’ve taken a break from smoking and realise how few entries I’ve written this year.

    On a Very Special Carlos

  • In which I finally reveal what our new home looks like, in all its semi-furnished glory.

    Living in Alan, with Alan

  • In which I return after a two month hiatus by seeing the Olympic flame.

    A Hole in the Wall

  • In which we get it confirmed that we’re getting the apartment (flat) we wanted.

    Home Is Where I Walk around Naked

  • In which I write a disappointing entry about almost nothing at all but show a photo from our self-catering accommodation.

    I Charted Myself

  • In which I record a a few more songs just before we move from our self-catering accommodation in Sittinbourne.

    The Sittingbourne Sessions, Part II

  • In which I continue Benjamin’s work on his Javascript select parser by adding

    Javascript Select Parser, part III

  • In which I record a few cover songs, including the one I auditioned with for Idols months ago.

    The Sittingbourne Sessions

  • In which I attend a job interview in the UK and feel like it’s promising.

    Double Whammy

  • In which we say goodbye to Finland and embark on the next chapter of our lives.

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

  • In which we decide to move the UK, without accommodation or employment.

    Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

  • In which I think I am smarter than, Paula Scher, the designer of the new Windows logo.

    Cutting Into the Swiss Design

  • In which I make a chart depicting the levels Days of the week sucks and get a coffee delivery from the UK.

    This Monday Sucks a Little Less

  • In which I write a journal entry retelling the epic adventure of flying to the UK.

    Sssh, They Might See Me

  • In which I get excited about flying over to the UK for job interviews.

    Up, Up And Away

  • In which I update We Play NHL to 3.3.

    Three Point Three

  • In which me and Mr. Cruise rething the ranking symbols used in our We Play NHL website.

    Imagine That My Rank Is Higher

  • In which I’ve started hunting for a job in the UK.

    The Frustrations of Web Design

  • In which I’ve started hunting for a job in the UK.

    Job Hunting and Me