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The year when Eyjafjallajökull spread volcanic ash and disrupts air traffic in Europe.

  • In which I recap the year that has gone by in all its splendor.

    Alpha and Omega

  • In which I talk about the some times confusing song writing process I have.

    Music and Me

  • In which I talk more about the board game Island of Eternity that I’m developing.

    Prototype #4

  • In which I design and build an octagonal poker table out of birch and European pruce.

    P-P-P-Poker Table

  • In which I make my own leather-bound recipe book.

    Petite Cuisine D’amour

  • In which I talk about the board game, Island of Eternity, that I’m making.

    A Small Step for Carlos

  • In which I review Fable III, the latest instalment in the Fable series from Lionhead Studios.

    Fable III [A Kind of Review]

  • In which I review the video game Angry Birds.

    Furious Avians

  • In which I present you with a seasonal greeting.

    Happy Halloween (For Real)

  • In which I show off the Fable-inspired creations I’ve been making.

    Phase One

  • In which I write a song without a deep hidden meaning.

    Unstabbable Feet

  • In which I get fed up with waiting for my new HTC Desire and order a Samsung Galaxy instead.

    My New Phone

  • In which I pretend I had a shot at playing all the parts in Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin.

    Joel, You Douchebag!

  • In which I pretend I had a shot at playing Romeo in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet.

    Leo, You Bastard!

  • In which I interview myself in the ultimate exercise in narcissism.

    The 10 Second Interview

  • In which I talk about some games I’m really looking forward to.

    Games, I’m Eagerly Awaiting..

  • In which I play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm and get my ass handed to me by the enemy on Easy difficulty.

    A Trip Down Nostalgia Avenue

  • In which the development of my yet-to-be-released board game Island of Eternity continues.

    I Made a Bored Game..

  • In which I talk about testing my board game Island of Eternity.

    I’m Back Baby…