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The year the COVID-19 pandemic leads to global social and economic disruption, worldwide lockdowns and the largest economic recession since the 1930s.

  • In which I look back at living during a pandemic.

    Year-in-Review 2020

  • In which I actually design the type scale, no really.

    Reboot: Type Scale, No Really

  • In which looking the type scale sends me down a rabbit hole of the origin of heading sizes, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Web Standards.

    Reboot: Type Scale-ish

  • In which I look at the typography for the display text.

    Reboot: The Other Type

  • In which I look at the typography for the body text.

    Reboot: Just My Type

  • In which I learn how inaccessible my old site was so that I can make the reboot better.

    Reboot: Accessibility Strategy

  • In which I publish the accessibility results from Pa11y and Google Lighthouse.

    Reboot: Raw Data II

  • In which I do a systemic analysis of the past performance to define the practical budget for the reboot.

    Reboot: Performance Budget

  • In which I publish the raw Pageviews data from Google Analytics.

    Reboot: Raw Data I

  • In which I finish making a strategy for measuring what and how I’ll determine the usability and web best practices.

    Reboot: Intention and Strategy, Part II

  • In which I make a strategy for measuring what and how I’ll determine the success of the reboot.

    Reboot: Intention and Strategy, Part I

  • In which correct protocols and procedures must be maintained, following an incident of this nature.

    Reboot: Incident Report

  • In which I we review the purpose of the Journal Entries page, its content outline and any outstanding structural housekeeping tasks.

    Reboot: New Content Outline for Entries

  • In which I clean up the mess that is Topics and Themes.

    Reboot: Cleaning the Meta Stuff

  • In which I continue to review my approach to reading and think about the books I read last year.

    What I Read in 2019

  • In which I spend four years figuring out if I can learn to like olives.

    The Olive Experiment

  • In which we look at how well I’ve managed to balance my Venn diagram of physical, mental and social well-being.

    The Vitruvian Man Returns

  • In which I get frustrated about how weird my site is to read.

    Reboot: Minimum Viable Experience

  • In which I get frustrated about people telling me the site looks weird.

    Reboot: The Design Process

  • In which I fix the mess that the RSS feed was.

    Reboot: Feed the Machine

  • In which I review how URLs should reveal the underlying structure of things and allow people to explore.

    Reboot: Information Architecture

  • In which I add a new section to my site to showcase my selected work.

    Reboot: Multitudes

  • In which I want to add a bunch of new stuff but I want to make sure that stuff isn’t there just for the sake of it.

    Reboot: ‘Business’ Goals

  • In which I take stock of the pages I’ve gathered over the years.

    Reboot: Taking Stock

  • In which I begin rebooting this site.


  • In which I take the fifth step and tell someone about all the fucked up stuff I’ve been through.

    The Boy Who Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree